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Agnetha Faltskog
Agnetha Faltskog Author
Wrap Your Arms Around Me Album (0)
Agnetha Faltskog - Wrap Your Arms Around Me Album
  • The Heat Is On
  • Take Good Care Of Your Children
  • Cant Shake Loose
  • My Love My Life (Disc 2) Album (1999)
    Agnetha Faltskog - My Love My Life (Disc 2) Album
  • The Winner Takes It All
  • The Day Before You Came
  • Its So Nice To Be Rich
  • The Way You Are
  • My Colouring Book Album (2004)
    Agnetha Faltskog - My Colouring Book Album
  • When You Walk In The Room
  • If I Thought Youd Ever Change Your Mind
  • A Fool Am I
  • I Cant Reach Your Heart
  • The End Of The World
  • I Stand Alone Album (1987)
    Agnetha Faltskog - I Stand Alone Album
  • The Last Time
  • I Wasnt the One (Who Said Goodbye)
  • We Got a Way
  • Eyes Of A Woman Album (0)
    Agnetha Faltskog - Eyes Of A Woman Album
  • I Wont Let You Go
  • The Angels Cry
  • We Should Be Together
  • I Wont Be Leaving You
  • Save Me (Why Dont Ya)
  • Unknown Album
  • Bjllerklang
  • Cant Shake Loose Russ Ballard
  • Concerto DAmore
  • D? finns du hos mig
  • Das Fest Der Pompadour
  • Ein Kleiner Mann In Einer Flasche
  • En sang om sorg och glaedje
  • Fly Like An Eagle
  • Fragezeichen Mag Ich Nicht
  • Glm Honom
  • I Wasnt The One (Why Said Goodbye)
  • I Wish Tonight Could Last Forever Russ Ballard
  • Jag Var S Kr
  • Jag sag mamma kyssa tomten
  • La Ltima Vez
  • Man Agnetha Faltskog
  • Mina gon
  • Mina oegon
  • Moessens julafton
  • Mr Persuasion Susan Lynch Larry Whitman
  • P B
  • P? s?ndag
  • S.O.S. (Swedish version)
  • S? glad som dina ?gon
  • S? h?r b?rjar k?rlek
  • Seor Gonzales
  • Shame David Clark Allen
  • Smurferifabriken (Rallarpolka fren Vdstmanland)
  • Sometimes When I Am Dreaming
  • Stay David Clark Allen
  • Tack foer en underbar vanlig dag
  • Take Good Care Of Your Children Thomas Ledin
  • The Heat Is On Florrie Palmer Tony Ashton
  • The Queen of Hearts
  • To Love Jill Brandt Randy Goodrum
  • Turn The World Around
  • Var Det Med Dig?
  • We Move A One
  • Wrap Your Arms Around Me Mike Chapman Holly Knig
  • Ya Nunca Ms
  • Yo No Fui (quien Dijo Adis)
  • Yo No Fui
  • Youre There
  • Zigenarvn

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