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Air Supply
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Yours Truly Album (2001)
Air Supply - Yours Truly Album
  • Who Am I
  • Body Glove
  • Why Dont You Come Over
  • Tell Me Of Spring
  • Yours Truly
  • You Are The Reason
  • Only One Forever
  • If You Love Me
  • The Scene
  • Learning To Make Love To You
  • Peaches And Cream
  • Hard To Forget Her
  • The Whole Thing's Started Album (1977)
    Air Supply - The Whole Thing
  • Teach Me To Run
  • Do What You Do
  • Theres Nothing I Can Do
  • Love Comes To Me
  • The Answer Lies
  • Its Automatic
  • The Vanishing Race Album (1993)
    Air Supply - The Vanishing Race Album
  • Its Never Too Late
  • Faith
  • Kiss Me Like You Mean It
  • Evidence Of Love
  • Goodbye
  • The Vanishing Race
  • Dont Tell Me
  • Too Sentimental
  • I Remember Love
  • Ill Be Thinking Of You
  • The Earth Is... Album (1991)
    Air Supply - The Earth Is... Album
  • Stronger Than The Night
  • Without You
  • The Earth Is
  • Speaking Of Love
  • Shes Got The Answer
  • Stop The Tears
  • Dame Amor
  • Dancing With The Mountain
  • Love Conquers Time
  • Bread And Blood
  • The Christmas Album Album (1987)
    Air Supply - The Christmas Album Album
  • White Christmas
  • Silent Night
  • Sleigh Ride
  • Love Is All
  • Winter Wonderland
  • O Come All Ye Faithful
  • The Book of Love Album (1997)
    Air Supply - The Book of Love Album
  • The Book Of Love
  • Strong, Strong Wind
  • Lets Stay Together Tonight
  • Mother Said
  • Super Exitos Album (2005)
    Air Supply - Super Exitos Album
  • Believer
  • Crazy Love
  • Swear To Your Heart
  • Russell Hitchcock Album (1988)
    Air Supply - Russell Hitchcock Album
  • Someone Who Believes in You
  • The Sun Aint Gonna Shine Anymore
  • I COME ALIVE (date with an Angel)
  • Make It Feel Like Home Again
  • One That You Love Album (1981)
    Air Supply - One That You Love Album
  • Dont Turn Me Away
  • Here I Am
  • Keeping The Love Alive
  • This Heart Belongs to Me
  • I Want To Give It All
  • Ill Never Get Enough Of You
  • Tonite
  • Ive Got Your Love
  • Now and Forever Album (1982)
    Air Supply - Now and Forever Album
  • Now and Forever
  • Taking The Chance
  • Come What May
  • One Step Closer
  • Dont Be Afraid
  • She Never Heard Me Call
  • What Kind Of Girl
  • News From Nowhere Album (1995)
    Air Supply - News From Nowhere Album
  • Someone
  • Just Between The Lines
  • Heart Of The Rose
  • Unchained Melody
  • Feel For Your Love
  • News From Nowhere
  • Always
  • Cant Stop The Rain
  • Primitive Man
  • Spirit Of Love
  • I Know You Better Than You Think
  • Making Love ... The Very Best of Air Supply Album (1983)
    Air Supply - Making Love ... The Very Best of Air Supply Album
  • Chances
  • Love and Other Bruises Album (1977)
    Air Supply - Love and Other Bruises Album
  • Feel the Breeze
  • Who Will Love Me Now
  • Do It Again
  • End of the Line
  • Ready for You
  • Does It Matter
  • Thats How The Whole Thing Started
  • Lost in Love Album (1990)
    Air Supply - Lost in Love Album
  • Having You Near Me
  • American Hearts
  • Old Habits Die Hard
  • I Cant Get Excited
  • My Best Friend
  • Life Support Album (1979)
    Air Supply - Life Support Album
  • Give Me Love
  • Looking Out For Something Outside
  • I Just Like The Feeling
  • More Than Natural
  • Just Another Woman
  • Bring Out The Magic
  • I Dont Want To Lose You
  • Believe In The Supernatural
  • Hearts in Motion Album (1986)
    Air Supply - Hearts in Motion Album
  • Its Not Too Late
  • Lonely Is the Night
  • Put Love In Your Life
  • One More Chance
  • Stars In Your Eyes
  • My Hearts With You
  • Id Die For You
  • Youre Only In Love
  • Time For Love
  • Heart And Soul
  • Hope Springs Eternal
  • Forever Love: 36 Greatest Hits 1980-2001 (cd2) Album (2003)
    Air Supply - Forever Love: 36 Greatest Hits 1980-2001 (cd2) Album
  • Where Did the Feeling Go?
  • The Way I Feel
  • Always And Forever: The Very Best Of (30th Annivesary Collection) Album (2005)
    Air Supply - Always And Forever: The Very Best Of (30th Annivesary Collection) Album
  • Every Woman in the World
  • The One That You Love
  • All Out of Love
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Lost in Love
  • Making Love Out of Nothing at All
  • Young Love
  • Here I Am (Just When I Thought I Was Over You)
  • Even the Nights Are Better
  • Two Less Lonely People in the World
  • I Can Wait Forever
  • Love and Other Bruises
  • Empty Pages
  • Air Supply (1985) Album (1985)
    Air Supply - Air Supply (1985) Album
  • I Wanna Hold You Tonight
  • Air Supply Album (1985)
    Air Supply - Air Supply Album
  • Just as I Am
  • The Power Of Love
  • I Cant Let Go
  • After All
  • Make It Right
  • When The Time Is Right
  • Sandy
  • Great Pioneer
  • Black and Blue
  • Sunset
  • Never Fade Away
  • Across the Concrete Sky Album (2003)
    Air Supply - Across the Concrete Sky Album
  • Shadow Of The Sun
  • Big Cat
  • Love Is the Arrow
  • We Are All Children
  • Feel Like Screaming
  • Come to Me
  • I Want You
  • You Belong To Me
  • Goodnight
  • Unknown Album
  • A Place Where We Belong
  • Aint It A Shame
  • Aint it a shameHit with the bug to run,
  • All By Myself
  • Bread Blood
  • Cant Fight This Feeling
  • Chances Are
  • Closer You And I
  • Credits
  • Dont Walk Away
  • Evil Woman
  • Good Bye
  • Heart & Soul
  • Here Is The News
  • Hold On Tight
  • I Cant Live
  • I Dont Believe You
  • Im Alive
  • Its Not Easy
  • Just Died In Your Arms Tonight
  • Last Train To London
  • Late Again
  • Lets Stay Together
  • Livin Thing
  • Love Other Bruises
  • Making Love Out Ot Nothing At All
  • Now Forever
  • Power of Love
  • Secret Agent
  • Strangers In Love
  • Sweet Dream
  • The Christmas Song (chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)
  • The Christmas Song
  • The End Of The Line
  • The Eyes Of A Child
  • The First Noel
  • The Little Drummer Boy
  • The Search Is Over
  • The Weight Is My Soul
  • To Sentimental
  • Tonight
  • Total Eclipse Of The Heart
  • Two Less Lonely People
  • We Are All Alone
  • What A Life (Parts 1 2)
  • What A Life
  • What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted?
  • Would I Lie To You?
  • You Are
  • Youll Never Know

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