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Armatrading Joan
Armatrading Joan Author
To the Limit Album (1990)
Armatrading Joan - To the Limit Album
  • Barefoot and Pregnant
  • The Very Best of Joan Armatrading Album (1991)
    Armatrading Joan - The Very Best of Joan Armatrading Album
  • Drop The Pilot
  • Show Some Emotion
  • The Shouting Stage
  • Im Lucky
  • (I Love It When You) Call Me Names
  • Bottom to the Top
  • More Than One Kind of Love
  • The Weakness In Me
  • All the Way from America
  • Square the Circle Album (1992)
    Armatrading Joan - Square the Circle Album
  • True Love
  • Crazy
  • Square the Circle
  • Weak Woman
  • Can I Get Next To You
  • Cant Get Over (How I Broke Your Heart)
  • If Women Ruled The World
  • Cradled In Your Love
  • Sleight Of Hand Album (1986)
    Armatrading Joan - Sleight Of Hand Album
  • Kind Words (And a Real Good Heart)
  • One More Chance
  • Show Some Emotion Album (1992)
    Armatrading Joan - Show Some Emotion Album
  • Woncha Come On Home
  • Warm Love
  • Never Is Too Late
  • Peace In Mind
  • Opportunity
  • Get In The Sun
  • Rock palas tnacht Album (1980)
    Armatrading Joan - Rock palas tnacht Album
  • Mama Mercy
  • Down to Zero
  • Cool Blue Stole My Heart
  • I Really Must Be Going
  • Me Myself I
  • Love and Affection
  • How Cruel
  • Turn Out the Light
  • You Rope You Tie Me
  • Tall In The Saddle
  • Willow
  • When You Kisses Me
  • Love and Affection CD2 Album (2004)
    Armatrading Joan - Love and Affection CD2 Album
  • He Wants Her
  • Friends
  • Feeling In My Heart (For You)
  • Simon
  • When I Get It Right
  • No Love
  • What Do Boys Dream?
  • Heaven
  • Live At Bijou Cafe Album (1977)
    Armatrading Joan - Live At Bijou Cafe Album
  • Help Yourself
  • Water With the Wine
  • Unknown Album
  • Alice
  • All A Woman Needs
  • Always
  • At The Hop
  • Back On The Road
  • Back to the Night
  • Beyond The Blue
  • Cant Let Go
  • Cant Stop Loving You
  • Child Star
  • City Girl
  • Conversation
  • Did I Make You Up
  • Dry Land
  • Eating the Bear
  • Everybody Gotta Know
  • Everyday Boy
  • Free
  • Good Times
  • Head Of The Table
  • Hearts And Flowers
  • I Cant Lie To Myself
  • I Need You
  • I Wanna Hold You
  • In Your Eyes
  • Is It Tomorrow Yet?
  • It Could Have Been Better
  • Join The Boys
  • Like Fire
  • Lost The Love
  • Love By You
  • Mean Old Man
  • Merchant Of Love
  • Mister Remember Me
  • My Family
  • One Night
  • Only One
  • People
  • Promise Land
  • Recommend My Love
  • Romancers
  • Save Me
  • Shape Of A Pony
  • Shapes And Sizes
  • Somebody Who Loves You
  • Someones In The Background
  • Something In The Air Tonight
  • Songs
  • Spend A Little Time
  • Talking To The Wall
  • Temptation
  • Travel So Far
  • Trouble
  • Visionary Mountains

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