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Dashboard Confessional
Dashboard Confessional Author
Unplugged Album (2002)
Dashboard Confessional - Unplugged Album
  • Swiss Army Romance
  • The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most Album (2001)
    Dashboard Confessional - The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most Album
  • The Brilliant Dance
  • Screaming Infidelities
  • The Best Deceptions
  • This Ruined Puzzle
  • Saints and Sailors
  • The Good Fight
  • Standard Lines
  • Again I Go Unnoticed
  • The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most
  • This Bitter Pill
  • The Drowning EP Album (2000)
    Dashboard Confessional - The Drowning EP Album
  • Drowning
  • Anyone Anyone?
  • For Justin
  • Swiss Army Romance Album (2000)
    Dashboard Confessional - Swiss Army Romance Album
  • The Sharp Hint Of New Tears
  • Living In Your Letters
  • The Swiss Army Romance
  • Turpentine Chaser
  • A Plain Morning
  • Age Six Racer
  • Ender Will Save Us All
  • Shirts And Gloves
  • Hold On
  • This Is A Forgery
  • So Impossible (Ep) Album (2001)
    Dashboard Confessional - So Impossible (Ep) Album
  • For You to Notice
  • So Impossible
  • Remember to Breathe
  • Dusk and Summer Album (2006)
    Dashboard Confessional - Dusk and Summer Album
  • So Long So Long
  • A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar Album (2003)
    Dashboard Confessional - A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar Album
  • Hands Down
  • Rapid Hope Loss
  • As Lovers Go
  • Carry This Picture
  • Bend And Not Break
  • Ghost Of A Good Thing
  • Am I Missing
  • Morning Calls
  • Carve Your Heart Out Yourself
  • So Beautiful
  • Hey Girl
  • If You Cant Leave It Be, Might As Well Make It Bleed
  • Several Ways To Die Trying
  • Unknown Album
  • (The Real) Morning Calls
  • A Sharp Hint Of New Tears
  • AL EB
  • At The Top Of My Lungs
  • Awake
  • Best Of Deceptions
  • Brilliant Dance
  • Broken Hearts And Concrete Floors
  • Broken Hearts On Concrete Floor
  • Brokens Hearts and Concrete Floors
  • Carry this Picture for Luck
  • Correction Of Bend And Not Break
  • Correction Of Morning Calls
  • Dashboard Confessional The Brilliant Dance
  • Ethans Song
  • For You To Mention
  • For You To Notice Me
  • Hidden Track
  • Hope Your Happy
  • Hope Youre Happy
  • I Do
  • I Have It Back
  • I Need You
  • I Need a Sure Thing
  • If You Cant Leave It Be
  • Ill See You There
  • Jamie
  • July
  • Knock Em Dead
  • Long Goodnight
  • Lost In You
  • Marning Calls
  • Morning Call
  • Nightswimming
  • Not So Easy
  • Old Wound
  • Only Gift That I Need
  • Rapid Hopeloss
  • Remember To Breather
  • Road Rules Apply
  • Ruined Puzzle
  • Saints Sailors
  • Shirts Gloves
  • So Long Sweet Summer
  • Summer Kiss
  • The Best Deception
  • The End Of An Anchor
  • The Only Gift That I Need
  • The Places That Youve Come To Fear The Most
  • The Sharp Hint Of Tears
  • This Brilliant Dance
  • This Old Wound (Unreleased)
  • This Old Wound
  • Tonight Ill Take What I Can Get
  • Vindicated
  • Warmth of the Sand
  • best deceptions

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