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Harry Chapin
Unknown Album
  • 30,000 Pounds Of Bananas
  • A Better Place To Be
  • A Lot of Lonely People Tonight
  • A Quiet Little Love Affair
  • All My Lifes A Circle
  • And The Baby Never Cries
  • Anthem
  • Any Old Kind Of Day
  • Babysitter
  • Barefoot Boy
  • Basic Protest Song
  • Better Place To Be
  • Bluesman
  • Bummer
  • Burning Herself
  • Caroline
  • Cats In The Cradle
  • Changes
  • Circle
  • Copper
  • Coreys Coming
  • Could You Put Your Light On, Please
  • Country Dreams
  • Dance Band On The Titanic
  • Dancin Boy
  • Dancing Boy
  • Dirt Gets Under The Fingernails
  • Dogtown
  • Dreams Go By
  • Empty
  • Everybodys Lonely
  • Fall In Love With Him
  • Flowers Are Red
  • Get On With It
  • God Babe Youve Been Good To Me
  • Greyhound
  • Halfway To Heaven
  • I Do It For You, Jane
  • I Dont Want To Be President
  • I Finally Found It, Sandy
  • I Miss America
  • I Wanna Learn A Love Song
  • I Wonder What Would Happen To This World
  • I Wonder What Would Happen to Him
  • If My Mary Were Here
  • If You Want To Feel
  • It Seems You Only Love Me When It Rains
  • Jenny
  • Last Stand
  • Last of the Protest Singers
  • Laugh Man
  • Legends of the Lost and Found
  • Let Time Go Lightly
  • Love Is Just Another Word
  • Mail Order Annie
  • Manhood
  • Mercenaries
  • Mismatch
  • Mr. Tanner
  • My Old Lady
  • Northwest 222
  • November Rains
  • Odd Job Man
  • Old College Avenue
  • Old Folkie
  • On The Road To Kingdom Come
  • One Light In A Dark Valley
  • Paint A Picture Of Yourself (Michael)
  • Poor Damned Fool
  • Pretzel Man
  • Remember When the Music
  • Roll Down The River
  • Salt And Pepper
  • Sandy
  • Saturday Morning
  • Sequel
  • She Is Always Seventeen
  • She Sings Songs Without Words
  • Shooting Star
  • Short Stories
  • Silly Little Girl
  • Six String Orchestra
  • Sniper
  • Somebody Said
  • Someone Keeps Calling My Name
  • Sometime, Somewhere Wife
  • Song Man
  • Song for Myself
  • Star Tripper
  • Stop Singing These Sad Songs
  • Story Of A Life
  • Stranger with the Melodies
  • Sunday Morning Sunshine
  • Tangled Up Puppet
  • Taxi
  • The Day They Closed the Factory Down
  • The Mayor Of Candor Lied
  • The Parades Still Passing By
  • The Rock
  • The Same Sad Singer
  • The Shortest Story
  • The Story Of A Life
  • There Was Only One Choice
  • They Call Her Easy
  • Thirty Thousand Pounds Of Bananas
  • Thirty Tousand Pounds Of Bananas
  • Up On A Shelf
  • Up On the Shelf
  • Vacancy
  • W*O*L*D*
  • We Grew Up A Little Bit
  • We Were Three
  • What Made America Famous
  • Why Do Little Girls?
  • Why Should People Stay the Same
  • Winter Song
  • Woman Child
  • Word Wizard
  • You Are the Only Song

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