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K.d Lang
K.d Lang Author
Drag Album (1997)
K.d Lang - Drag Album
  • Dont Smoke In Bed
  • The Air That I Breathe
  • Smoke Dreams
  • My Last Cigarette
  • The Joker
  • Theme From The Valley Of The Dolls
  • Your Smoke Screen
  • My Old Addiction
  • Till The Heart Caves In
  • Smoke Rings
  • Haint It Funny
  • Love Is Like A Cigarette
  • Unknown Album
  • (Waltz Me ) Once Again Around The Floor
  • A Case Of You
  • A Case of You ( Joni Mitchell )
  • Acquiesce
  • After The Gold Rush
  • After the Gold Rush (Neil Young)
  • Angel With A Lariat
  • Anywhere But Here
  • Barefoot
  • Big Big Love
  • Big Boned Gal
  • Bird On A Wire
  • Bird on a Wire (Leonard Cohen)
  • Black Coffee
  • Bopalena
  • Bopalina
  • Busy Being Blue
  • Constant Craving (Live)
  • Constant Craving
  • Crying
  • Curiosity
  • Curious Soul Astray
  • Deep In A Dream
  • Didnt I
  • Diet Of Strange Places
  • Dont Be A Lemming Polka
  • Dont Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes
  • Down To My Last Cigarette
  • Extraordinary Thing
  • Fallen (Ron Sexsmith)
  • Fallen
  • Full Moon Full of Love
  • Get Some
  • Got The Bull By The Horns
  • Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)
  • Hallelujah
  • Hanky Panky
  • Helpless (Neil Young)
  • Helpless
  • High Time For A Detour
  • Honky Tonk Angels Medley
  • Hooked On Junk
  • Hush Sweet Lover
  • I Want It All
  • I Wish I Didnt Love You So
  • If I Were You
  • Im Down To My Last Cigarette
  • In Perfect Dreams
  • Infinite And Unforeseen
  • Its Happening With You
  • Its Me
  • Jericho (Joni Mitchell)
  • Jericho
  • Just Keep Me Moving
  • Lifted By Love
  • Lock Stock And Teardrops
  • Love Affair
  • Love Is Everything (Jane Siberry)
  • Love Is Everything
  • Loves Great Ocean
  • Luck In My Eyes
  • Maybe
  • Miss Chatelaine
  • Nowhere To Stand
  • One Day I Walk (Bruce Cockburn)
  • One Day I Walk
  • Only Love
  • Outside Myself
  • Pay Dirt
  • Pine And Stew
  • Pullin Back The Reins
  • Rose Garden
  • Save Me
  • Season Of Hollow Soul
  • Sexuality
  • Shadowland
  • Simple (KD LangDavid Pitch)
  • Simple
  • Skylark
  • So In Love
  • So It Shall Be
  • Still Thrives This Love
  • Stop Look And Listen
  • Suddenly
  • Sugar Moon
  • Summerfling
  • Surrender
  • Sweet Little Cherokee
  • Tear Drops
  • Teardrops
  • Tears Dont Care Who Cries Them
  • Tears Of Loves Recall
  • The Consequences Of Falling
  • The Mind Of Love
  • The Right To Love
  • The Valley (Jane Siberry)
  • The Valley
  • There You Go
  • This
  • Three Cigarettes In An Ashtray
  • Tickled Pink
  • Trail Of Broken Hearts
  • Tune Into My Wave
  • Turn Me Round
  • Up To Me
  • Walflower Waltz
  • Walkin In And Out Of Your Arms
  • Wallflower Waltz
  • Waltz Me Once Again Around The Dance Floor
  • Wash Me Clean
  • Western Stars
  • What Better Said
  • When We Collide
  • World Of Love
  • Youre Ok
  • three days

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