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Sinister Slaughter Album (2002)
Macabre - Sinister Slaughter Album
  • Night Stalker
  • The Ted Bundy Song
  • Sniper In The Sky
  • Montreal Massacre
  • The Boston Strangler
  • Mary Bell
  • Is It Soup Yet?
  • White Hen Decapitator
  • Gacys Lot
  • Vampire Of Dusseldorf
  • Shotgun Peterson
  • What The Heck, Richard Speck
  • Gloom+6 Bonus Tracks Album (1989)
    Macabre - Gloom+6 Bonus Tracks Album
  • The Green River Murderer (Hes Still Out There)
  • Gloom Album (2001)
    Macabre - Gloom Album
  • Embalmer
  • Trampled To Death
  • Holidays Of Horror
  • Fritz Haarmann The Butcher
  • David Brom took an axe
  • I Need To Kill
  • Ultra Violent
  • Rat Man
  • Hey Laurie Dann
  • Patrick Purdy Killed Five And Wounded Thirty
  • Exhumer
  • Dr. Holmes (He Stripped Their Bones)
  • Funeral Home
  • Disease
  • What The Heck Richard Speck Eight Nurses You Wrecked!
  • Dahmer Album (2000)
    Macabre - Dahmer Album
  • Dog Guts
  • Hitchhiker
  • In The Army Now
  • Grandmothers House
  • Exposure
  • Ambassador Hotel
  • How Bout Some Coffee
  • Bath House
  • Jeffrey Dahmer And The Chocolate Factory
  • Apartment 213
  • Drill Bit Lobotomy
  • McDahmers
  • Into The Toilet With You
  • Coming To Chicago
  • Scrub A Dub Dub
  • Konerak
  • Media Circus
  • Temple Of Bones
  • Trial
  • Do The Dahmer
  • Christopher Scarver
  • Dahmers Dead
  • Blood Bank
  • Jeffrey Dahmer Blues
  • The Brain
  • Behind the Wall of Sleep Album (2002)
    Macabre - Behind the Wall of Sleep Album
  • Fishtales
  • Behind the Wall of Sleep
  • Slaughter Thy Poser
  • Freeze Dried Man
  • Unknown Album
  • Acid Bath Vampire (John George Haigh)
  • Albert Fish Was Worse Than Any Fish In The Sea
  • Albert Was Worse Then Any Fish In The Sea (Albert Fish)
  • Cup Of Coffee
  • Diary Of Torture (Robert Berdella)
  • Dortheas Dead Folks Home (Dorthea Puente)
  • Ed Gein
  • Edmond Kemper Had A Horrible Temper =
  • Edmond Kemper Had a Horrible Temper: Edmond Kemper
  • Fatal Foot Fetish (Jerry Brudos)
  • Fathers Big Nuts
  • Fathers Spiritual Nuts
  • Fritz Haarmann Der Metzger
  • Gacys Lot (John Wayne Gacy)
  • Gacys Lot =
  • Harvey Glataman (Your Soul Will Forever Rot)
  • Hot Rods To Hell
  • Howard Unrah =
  • Is It Soup Yet? (Daniel Rakowitz)
  • Jack The Ripper (Identity Unknown)
  • Killing Spree =
  • Killing Spree: Patrick Sherrill
  • McMassacre
  • Montreal Massacre: Mark Lupine
  • Morbid Minister (Gary Heidnick)
  • Night Stalker: Richard Ramirez
  • Poison (Graham Fredrick Young)
  • Serial Killer
  • Shotgun Peterson: Christopher Peterson
  • Sniper in the Sky: Charles Whitman
  • Son Of Sam
  • The Bath House
  • The Boston Strangler (Albert De Salvo)
  • The Hillside Stranglers (Angelo Buono Kenneth Bianchi)
  • The Iceman (Richard Kuklinski)
  • The Ted Bundy Song (Ted Bundy)
  • The Werewolf Of Bedburg (Peter Stumpp)
  • The Wustenfeld Man Eater (Armin Meiwes)
  • There Was A Young Man Who Blew Up A Plane (Jack Gilbert Gra
  • There Was A Young Man Who Blew Up A Plane
  • There Was a Young Man Who Blew up a Plane: Jack Gilbert Graham
  • Vampire of Dusseldorf: Peter Kurtin
  • What The Heck Richard Speck Eight Nurses You Wrec
  • What The Hell Did You Do? (James Edward Pough)
  • Whatb9s That Smell
  • Whats That Smell? (Jeffery Dahmer )
  • White Hen Decapitator: Michael Bethke
  • Youre Dying To Be With Me (Dennis Nielsen)
  • Zodiac (Identity Unknown)
  • Zodiac =

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