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Ocean Colour Scene
Ocean Colour Scene Author
Songs For The Front Row Album (2001)
Ocean Colour Scene - Songs For The Front Row Album
  • Huckleberry Grove
  • Robin Hood
  • Crazy Lowdown Ways
  • One From the Modern Album (1999)
    Ocean Colour Scene - One From the Modern Album
  • Profit in Peace
  • So Low
  • I Am the News
  • No One At All
  • Families
  • July
  • Jane She Got Excavated
  • Emily Chambers
  • I Wont Get Grazed
  • The Waves
  • Moseley Shoals Album (1999)
    Ocean Colour Scene - Moseley Shoals Album
  • The Riverboat Song
  • The Day We Caught The Train
  • The Circle
  • Lining Your Pockets
  • Fleeting Mind
  • 40 Past Midnight
  • One for the Road
  • Its My Shadow
  • Policemen Pirates
  • The Downstream
  • Youve Got It Bad
  • Get Away
  • Mechanical Wonder Album (2001)
    Ocean Colour Scene - Mechanical Wonder Album
  • Up on the Downside
  • In My Field
  • Sail on My Boat
  • Biggest Thing
  • We Made It More
  • Give Me a Letter
  • Mechanical Wonder
  • You Are Amazing
  • If I Gave You My Heart
  • Marchin' Already Album (1997)
    Ocean Colour Scene - Marchin
  • Hundred Mile High City
  • Better Day
  • Travellers Tune
  • Big Star
  • Debris Road
  • Besides Yourself
  • Get Blown Away
  • Tele Hes Not Talking
  • Foxys Folk Faced
  • All Up
  • Half A Dream Away
  • Its A Beautiful Thing
  • B-Sides - Seasides and Freerides Album (1997)
    Ocean Colour Scene - B-Sides - Seasides and Freerides Album
  • The Clock Struck 15 Hours Ago
  • Alibis
  • Cool Cool Water
  • Charlie Brown Says
  • Beautiful Losers
  • The Day We Caught The Train (acoustic)
  • Mrs Jones
  • Top Of The World
  • Here In My Heart
  • I Wanna Stay Alive With You
  • Chelsea Walk
  • Outside Of A Circle
  • Unknown Album
  • Another Girls Name
  • Do Yourself a Favour
  • Downstream
  • Flowers-Giving It All Away b-side
  • Fly Me-Yesterday Today B-Side
  • For Every Corner
  • Giving It All Away
  • Going Nowhere for a While
  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Hello Monday-Hundred Mile High City b-side
  • Hello Monday
  • Hoping Youre Making It Too
  • How About You
  • I Just Need Myself
  • I Need A Love Song - The Day We Caught The Train
  • I Need A Love Song-The Day We Caught The Train
  • I Need a Love Song-The Day We Caught The Train B-Side
  • If You Get Your Way-Profit In Peace b-side
  • Is She Coming Home
  • Is She Coming
  • Justine
  • Make The Deal
  • Meet On The Ledge-originally by Fairport Convention
  • Mona Lisa Eyes-Sway (re-issue) b-side
  • Mona Lisa Eyes-Sway B-Side
  • My Brother Sarah-Sway (re-issue) b-side
  • My Brother Sarah-Sway B-Side
  • North Atlantic Drift
  • Oh Collector
  • On And On - Better Day
  • On And On-Better Day b-side
  • On And On-Better Day
  • On My Way
  • On The Way Home-Travellers Tune B-Side
  • On The Way Home-Travellers Tune b-side (originally by Neil Young)
  • On on-Better Day B-Side
  • One of Those Days
  • Patsy in Green-Do Yourself a Favour B-Side
  • Penny Pinching Rainy Heaven Days
  • Policeman Pirates
  • Policemen And Pirates
  • Riverboat Song
  • Second Hand Car
  • So Sad-The Riverboat Song b-side
  • Something for Me
  • Song For The Front Row - Travellers Tune b-side
  • Song Of A Baker-originally by The Small Faces
  • Song Of A Baker
  • Song for The Front Row-Travellers Tune B-Side
  • Song for the Front Row
  • Soul Driver
  • Spark Cindy
  • Step By Step
  • Suspended Motion-Do Yourself a Favour B-Side
  • Sway
  • Take You Back-up on The Downside B-Side
  • Take You Back
  • Talk On
  • The Best Bet On Chinaski - Better Day
  • The Best Bet On Chinaski-Better Day
  • The Best Bet on Chinaski-Better Day B-Side
  • The Clock Struck Fifteen Hours Ago
  • The Face Smiles Back Easily-Hundred Mile High City b-side
  • The Inheritors-So Low B-Side
  • The North Atlantic Drift
  • The Seventh Floor-Do Yourself a Favour B-Side
  • The Song Goes On
  • These Are The Ones-up on The Downside B-Side
  • These Are the Ones
  • Third Shade Of Green
  • This Understanding-JulyI Am The News (Ltd edition b-side)
  • This Understanding
  • Up on the Down Side
  • Yesterday Today-non-album single

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