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Savoy Brown
Savoy Brown Author
Wire Fire Album (1975)
Savoy Brown - Wire Fire Album
  • Stranger Blues
  • Here Comes the Music
  • Hero to Zero
  • Deep Water
  • Born into Pain
  • The Savoy Brown Collection (CD2) Album (1993)
    Savoy Brown - The Savoy Brown Collection (CD2) Album
  • Everybody Loves a Drinking Man
  • The Blues Keep Me Holding On Album (1999)
    Savoy Brown - The Blues Keep Me Holding On Album
  • Going Down To Mobile
  • Everybody Says They Want It
  • Street Corner Talking Album (1971)
    Savoy Brown - Street Corner Talking Album
  • Let It Rock (Rock and Roll on the Radio)
  • Time Does Tell
  • Street Corner Talking
  • All I Can Do
  • Wang Dang Doodle
  • Shake Down Album (1967)
    Savoy Brown - Shake Down Album
  • Black Night
  • Little Girl
  • Raw Sienna Album (1970)
    Savoy Brown - Raw Sienna Album
  • A Hard Way To Go
  • Needle and Spoon
  • A Little More Wine
  • Stay While The Night Is Young
  • When I Was a Young Boy
  • Looking In Album (1970)
    Savoy Brown - Looking In Album
  • Poor Girl
  • Looking In
  • Take It Easy
  • Looking from the Outside (Live) Album (2000)
    Savoy Brown - Looking from the Outside (Live) Album
  • Hard Way to Go
  • Live In The Central Park Album (1985)
    Savoy Brown - Live In The Central Park Album
  • Tell Mama
  • Love Me Please
  • Lion's Share Album (1972)
    Savoy Brown - Lion
  • Shot in the Head
  • Second Try
  • So Tired
  • Denim Demon
  • Kings Of Boogie Album (1989)
    Savoy Brown - Kings Of Boogie Album
  • Deep In My Heart
  • Jack The Toad Album (1973)
    Savoy Brown - Jack The Toad Album
  • Jack The Toad
  • Hellbound Train Album (1972)
    Savoy Brown - Hellbound Train Album
  • Lost And Lonely Child
  • Troubled by These Days and Times
  • If I Could See An End
  • Hellbound Train
  • Getting To The Point Album (1968)
    Savoy Brown - Getting To The Point Album
  • Flood In Houston
  • Stay With Me Baby
  • Honey Bee
  • Give Me A Penny
  • Mr. Downchild
  • Big City Lights
  • Walking By Myself
  • Boogie Brothers Album (1974)
    Savoy Brown - Boogie Brothers Album
  • Highway Blues
  • Always the Same
  • Boogie Brothers
  • Blue Matter Album (1969)
    Savoy Brown - Blue Matter Album
  • Train to Nowhere
  • A Step Further Album (1969)
    Savoy Brown - A Step Further Album
  • Made Up My Mind
  • Unknown Album
  • Louisiana Blues (Live)
  • Strangest Blues

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