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Tanya Tucker
Tanya Tucker Author
What's Your Mama's Name Album (2000)
Tanya Tucker - What
  • Whats Your Mamas Name
  • Horseshoe Bend
  • California Cotton Fields
  • Teddy Bear Song
  • Blood Red and Goin Down
  • Song Man
  • Rainy Girl
  • Teach Me the Words to Your Song
  • Tennessee Woman Album (1990)
    Tanya Tucker - Tennessee Woman Album
  • It Wont Be Me
  • Walking Shoes
  • Greatest Hits - 1990-1992 Album (1993)
    Tanya Tucker - Greatest Hits - 1990-1992 Album
  • Its A Little Too Late
  • Some Kind Of Trouble
  • (Without You) What Do I Do With Me?
  • Down To My Last Teardrop
  • Dont Go Out
  • Two Sparrows In A Hurricane
  • If Your Heart Aint Busy Tonight
  • Fire To Fire Album (1995)
    Tanya Tucker - Fire To Fire Album
  • Fire To Fire
  • Diverse Album (1998)
    Tanya Tucker - Diverse Album
  • Hangin In
  • Love Me Like You Used To
  • Strong Enough to Bend
  • Delta Dawn
  • Lizzie And The Rainman
  • San Antonio Stroll
  • Unknown Album
  • A Blue Guitar
  • A Memory Like Im Going To Be
  • A Memory Like Im Gonna Be
  • After the Thrill Is Gone
  • All I Have To Offer You Is Love
  • All The Way
  • Almost Persuaded
  • Baby Im Yours
  • Baptism of Jesse Taylor
  • Best of My Love
  • Between The Two Of Them
  • Bidding America Goodbye
  • Black Water Bayou
  • Blood Red And Going Down
  • Blood-Red And Going Down
  • By The Way
  • California Cottonfields
  • Call on Me
  • Can I Be Your Lady
  • Can I See You Tonight
  • Cant Run From Yourself
  • Changes
  • Come In Out Of The World
  • Come on Honey
  • Complicated
  • Cowboy Lovin Night
  • Daddy and Home
  • Danger Ahead
  • Depend On You
  • Dont Believe My Heart Can Stand Another You
  • Dont Let My Heart Be The Last To Know
  • Dream Lover (Tanya Tucker with Glen Campbell)
  • Dream Lover
  • Everything That You Want
  • Find Out Whats Happenin
  • Fire To Fire (Tanya Tucker with Willie Nelson)
  • Go Out
  • Half The Moon
  • Happiest Girl In The Whole USA
  • He Was Just Leaving
  • Heres Some Love
  • Highway Robbery
  • Hiway Robbery
  • How Can I Tell Him
  • I Believe The South Is Gonna Rise Again
  • I Bet She Knows
  • I Dont Believe Thats How You Feel
  • I Love You Anyway
  • I Still Sing The Old Songs
  • I Wont Take Less Than Your Love
  • I Wont Take Less Then Your Love
  • If It Dont Come Easy
  • Ill Come Back As Another Woman
  • Ill Take The Memories
  • Ill Take Today
  • It Hurts Like Love
  • Ive Learned To Live
  • Jamestown Ferry
  • Just Another Love
  • Leave Him Alone
  • Let Me Be There
  • Let Me Count The Ways
  • Let the Good Times Roll
  • Little Things
  • Lonely at the Right Time
  • Love Knows We Tried
  • Love Thing
  • Love Will
  • Loves the Answer
  • Loving You Could Never Be Better
  • Man That Turned My Mama On
  • Missing Piece Of Puzzle
  • My Arms Stay Open All Night
  • My Song
  • New York City Song
  • No Mans Land
  • Nobody Dies From A Broken Heart
  • One Love At A Time
  • Pecos Promenade
  • Pride Of Franklin County
  • Rainbow Rider
  • Ridin Out The Heartache
  • Ridin Rainbows
  • Right About Now
  • Silence Is King
  • Smell The Flowers
  • Sneaky Moon
  • Somebody Trying To Tell You Something
  • Someday Soon
  • Son of a Preacher Man
  • Soon
  • Soul Song
  • Spring
  • Still Hold On
  • Stormy Weather
  • Stron Enough To Bend
  • Tanya Tucker
  • Tell Me About It (Tanya Tucker with Delbert McClinton)
  • Tell Me About It
  • Tennessee Woman
  • Texas (When I Die)
  • The Happiest Girl In The Whole USA
  • The Jamestown Ferry
  • The Love You Gave To Me
  • The Man That Turned My Mama On
  • The Man That Turned My Momma On
  • There Is A Place
  • Time & Distance
  • Trail Of Tears
  • We Dont Have To Do This
  • What Do I Do With Me
  • What Do They Know
  • What If We Were Running Out of Love
  • What It Did To Me
  • What Your Love Does For Me
  • Whats Your MamaA Name
  • Whats Your Mommas Name, Child
  • Wishin It All Away
  • Would You Lay With Me In A Field Of Stone
  • Would You Lay With Me
  • You Are So Beautiful
  • You Dont Do It
  • You Just Watch Me
  • Youve Got Me To Hold On To

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