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Graham Parker
Graham Parker Author
The Up Escalator Album (2003)
Graham Parker - The Up Escalator Album
  • No Holding Back
  • Devils Sidewalk
  • Stupefaction
  • Empty Lives
  • Endless Night
  • Manoeuvres
  • Love Without Greed
  • The Mona Lisa's Sister Album (1997)
    Graham Parker - The Mona Lisa
  • Dont Let It Break You Down
  • Under the Mask of Happiness
  • Back in Time
  • Im Just Your Man
  • Get Started, Start A Fire
  • Blue Highways
  • Success
  • I Dont Know
  • Cupid
  • Temporary Beauty Album (1999)
    Graham Parker - Temporary Beauty Album
  • Temporary Beauty
  • Another Grey Area
  • No More Excuses
  • Big Fat Zero
  • Its All Worth Nothing Alone
  • Crying For Attention
  • Thankless Task
  • Fear Not
  • Passive Resistance
  • Life Gets Better
  • Last Couple On The Dance Floor
  • The Smart Bomb
  • Struck by Lightning Album (1997)
    Graham Parker - Struck by Lightning Album
  • She Wants So Many Things
  • They Murdered the Clown
  • The Kid With The Butterfly Net
  • And It Shook Me
  • Thats Where She Ends Up
  • A Brand New Book
  • Weeping Statues
  • Guardian Angels
  • Children and Dogs
  • Over the Border (To America)
  • When I Was King
  • Ten Girls Ago
  • The Sun Is Gonna Shine Again
  • Real Macaw Album (2007)
    Graham Parker - Real Macaw Album
  • You Cant Take Love for Granted
  • Sounds Like Chains
  • Beyond a Joke
  • Anniversary
  • Live! Alone in America Album (1989)
    Graham Parker - Live! Alone in America Album
  • White Honey
  • Watch the Moon Come Down
  • Protection
  • Gypsy Blood
  • Back to Schooldays
  • Three Martini Lunch
  • Hotel Chambermaid
  • You Cant Be Too Strong
  • Howlin' Wind Album (2001)
    Graham Parker - Howlin
  • Nothins Gonna Pull Us Apart
  • Silly Thing
  • Between You And Me
  • Lady Doctor
  • Howlin Wind
  • Dont Ask Me Questions
  • Hammersmith Album (1979)
    Graham Parker - Hammersmith Album
  • Discovering Japan
  • Local Girls
  • Thunder & Rain
  • Dont Get Excited
  • Mercury Poisoning
  • Stick To Me
  • Love Gets You Twisted
  • Nobody Hurts You
  • Soul Shoes
  • Passion Is No Ordinary Word
  • Unknown Album
  • (Too Late) The Smart Bomb
  • Back Door Love
  • Baggage
  • Big Man on Paper
  • Break Them Down
  • Call Me Your Doctor
  • Character Assassination
  • Crawlin From The Wreckage
  • Cruel Stage
  • Daddys a Postman
  • Dancing for Money
  • Dark Side of the Bright Lights
  • Disneys America
  • Everything Goes
  • First Day Of Spring
  • Fools Gold
  • Force Of Nature
  • Get Over It And Move On
  • Green Monkeys
  • Haunted Episodes
  • Here It Comes Again
  • Honest Work
  • I Want You Back
  • I Was Wrong
  • Impenetrable
  • Little Miss Understanding
  • Long Stem Rose
  • Love Is A Burning Question
  • Loverman
  • Lunatic Fringe
  • Milk Train
  • Mr. Tender
  • Museum Piece
  • Museum of Stupidity
  • My Loves Strong
  • New York Shuffle
  • Next Phase
  • Oasis
  • Obsessed With Aretha
  • Over The Border
  • Partner For Life
  • Platinum Blonde
  • Pollinate
  • Pourin It All Out
  • Release Me
  • Saturday Nite Is Dead
  • See Yourself
  • Sharpening Axes
  • She Never Let Me Down
  • Short Memories
  • Slash and Burn
  • Soul On Ice
  • Soultime
  • Sugar Gives You Energy
  • Take Everything
  • The Beating Of Another Heart
  • The Heat In Harlem
  • The Raid
  • They Got It Wrong (As Usual)
  • Too Many Knots to Untangle
  • Too Much Time to Think
  • Turn It Into Hate
  • Wake Up (Next To You)
  • Women In Charge
  • Worthy Of Your Love
  • Yesterdays Cloud

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