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Artist: Aaron Lee
Aaron Lee Author
Album: Lee Aaron (1987)
Aaron Lee - Lee Aaron Album
Song Title: Number One
Genre: Rock: Hard-Rock
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Baby baby you' been hurt before
Walked out on love an' ya closed the door
Sometimes forever sometimes just one night
It don' always have to work out right..

Well I know what you're goin' through
Cuz I've been there before
Give me a chance to change your attitude
An' you'll be back for more, you'll be back for more

(I.. know, you.. know)
I'm gonna be your number one
(Some.. day, one.. way)
I'm gonna be your.. number one

Baby baby it's no use to hide
I can see the passion, in your eyes..
Don't think twice honey just let go
There's so much of you I wanna know

You say that you've been hurt inside
Well I've felt the same way too
But tonight could be our lucky night
Oh baby can ya feel it, I can feel it too

(I.. know, you.. know)
I'm gonna be your number one
(Some.. day, one.. way)
I'm gonna be your, number one

(I.. know, you.. know)
I'm gonna be your number one
(Some.. day, one.. way)
I'm gonna be your, number one

Don't throw away this chance
It could be sweet.. romance
Give me a sign let me know
Here we go

Oh.. (I.. know, you.. know)
I'm gonna be your number one
(Some.. day, one.. way)
I'm gonna be your, number one

(I.. know, you.. know)
When it's me an' you aw baby..
- (Some.. day, one.. way)
- Yeah yeah yeah yeah..
Uh huh.., come on

(I.. know) come on (you.. know)
Well I'm gonna be your, number one....
(Some.. day, one.. way)
I'm gonna be your number one....
(I.. know, you.. know)
I'm gonna be your number one....

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