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Artist: Aaron Lines
Song Title: You Cant Hide Beautiul
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She says don't stare at me
She's afraid that I might see
Those five extra pounds she talks about
Man, I don't know what she's talking about
She looks through magazines
With every page she dreams
of looking like someone else
I wish she wasn't so hard on herself
Then she falls asleep with just my t-shirt on
Even when her hair's messed up and her make up's gone
You can't hide beautiful
You can't hide wonderful
There's nothing that she has to do
It just comes natural
She makes it look easy
I love what she does to me
No way to disguise
The way that she shines
You can't hide beautiful
Oh no...

She can take a simple dress
Put it on and turn some heads
Man, every time she moves she gets me
She doesn't even know she's sexy
and the way she thinks sometimes
Out of nowhere blows my mind
she makes me laugh and makes me dream
I love the way she looks at things
A little piece of heaven God gave to this world
She might think she's just an ordinary girl


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