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Artist: Ace Frehley
Song Title: Snowblind
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It's so hard to feel right baby

When I'm travelin' around and you're far behind

Guy, I wish I could see my lady, girl, I hope you don't mind, 'cos


I'm snowblind, I can't see a thing, I'm snowblind, I don't wanna sing

I'm snowblind, need a familiar face, I'm snowblind, think I'm lost in space

Lookin' out my window, sometimes I wonder

Am I ever gonna get to where I'm gonna go home

Maybe tomorrow, maybe next summer, girl, I just don't know, 'cos


Movin' around, I get in trouble, when I'm feelin' so low and out of my mind

Babe, I don't wanna burst your bubble, girl, you know the reason why, 'cos


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