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Artist: Across Five Aprils
Across Five Aprils Author
Album: A Tragedy In Progess (2003)
Across Five Aprils - A Tragedy In Progess Album
Song Title: Je Mennuie De Vous
Genre: Hardcore
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Am I wasting my time with these feelings?
The pressure's off now so I'm back on the ground.
Too bad, I kind of liked it in the clouds with you.
Because you take me away from everything and everyone,
that's held me back for so long.
Heaven for a few days, makes up for all the hell that life's dealt me,
even now that's gone.
It seems he's got your attention now, lucky guy.
But isn't that the way it always ends?
It seems he's got your attention just like you got mine.
I'll express my feelings, then sit back and watch you walk away.
You're beautiful in every way to me.

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