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Artist: Act Fast
Song Title: Lycky 13
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Everything That i
was taught to be right
was it all a stupid lie
all the things you taught
all the battles we faught
and all the unforgettable thoughts
my brain is twisted now
the room is spins around
everything I believed has broken down
how could you lie to me
the things you said i believed
but still I will not turn my back and run away

But I
can't find it in myself
to turn my back on you
no matter what you do
but I
still don't understand
all the things you taught
all the battles we faught
tell me
was it all a hoax
was it just a scam
I don't understand
still I
can't find it in myself
to turn my back on you
no matter what you do

Your empty lies
won't save you this time
cuz I know there'w nothing on the inside
I'd agree to stay
if you agree to change
but your answer will always be no way
you were once my friend
you said friends till the end
I will still try for as long as I can
our friendship's come undone
the burden ways a ton
you stabbed me in the back
true friends stab in the front

lucky 13...

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