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Artist: Adolphson Falk
Song Title: From Here To Eternity
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We're searching for a sign
A universal message
A resemblance of life
From some outer reach of space
We're sending out our code
And listening for an echo
An answer to our call
From some strange and distant race
We're seeking out the clues
Of life's eternal mysteries
We're forcing the gates
Of mankind's holy rules
Our quest will never end
In some cul de sac of history
Our thirst will not be quenched
By the prophecies of fools

From here to eternity
Cross the barriers of tie
We will not be deterred
We will not be denied
From here to eternity
From here to afar
With our dreams in the heavens
And our sights in the stars

Like the mariners of old
We launch our fragile vessels
On an uncertain voyage
Destination unknown
A galactic caravan
Through the deserts of illusion
A celestial crusade
Past deception's dark mirage
And even you and I
The children of this planet
Whose destiny we share
On its passage round the sun
Though we're light-years apart
Our hearts are bound together
In an unrelentless search
For the meaning of it all

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