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Artist: AK
Song Title: Trapped
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You know it's hard, out here in the streets
A pity we gotta be in these streets
Haters, are everywhere
Cause shit and with somethin' deeper than you and me
It's hard, a cold, cold world
Sometimes can't even trust ya own girl
Gotta stand here and face my fears
Ain't gonna shed no more tears

I started younger than most, got turned out sellin' dope
Skippin' school to fuck bitches, carryin' guns in my coat
With dreams to sit on meal tickets, if I slang enough of this shit
Become a boss and be a made man, impossible to hit
Buy a mansion like Scarface, estate surrounded by gates
Cold killers on the payroll, 'case they come for the safe
Build a empire, they can't infiltrate
We all aspire to be kings but we could end up bein' inmates
See it ain't all peaches and cream, take a look at the game
Pour out some Hennessy and take a walk down memory lane
I lost so many homies
Chasin' this American dream for Cuban links and Lamborghinis
Talkin' ballin' supreme, look in my eyes
And you can see the pain I'm feelin' inside, look in the sky
And ask the Lord to be my strength and my guide, and wonder why?
He put us here, because the ghetto is hell, we hypnotized
It's like the Devil got us under a spell, under a spell..

[Hook: repeat 2X]
In this ghetto prison and I'm always
People are acting crazy and I can't
I ain't gon' stress it anymore I won't shed no tears

For half my life cats been tryin' to have my life
I been, blasted twice by jealous bastards right
And I done banked more cats than niggaz done wrote raps
Done balled off dope sacks
Fell off and came back

I done knocked on nigg

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