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Artist: Akbar
Song Title: Bigga Dey Come
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[ VERSE 1 ]
It's like this y'all, to the beat y'all
A black man, I stand about six feet tall
And I'm a trooper y'all, a real trooper y'all
I can take a fall and bounce back like a super ball
Yo, my name is Akbar, check me out, I'm not far
You want your party rocked? Chill, I got you locked, paw
Soon as I hear the bass I'ma tear the place up
Then pick the pace up; you pick me? You picked the ace up
Yo, I'm ready for war, I've trained like a Jedi
In a b-boy stance I glance with my head high
You couldn't find a greater man alive
A shot from a .45 couldn't stop my vibe
No man can withstand or penetrate my aura
I step through Babylon, Sodom and Gomorrha
Armed with a verse I rehearsed from the Tora
The Holy Qu'ran, I tread upon troubled waters
Where the Tower of Babel's the Empire State
The Statue of Liberty's the harlet that fornicates
With the whole world causin my people to sin
Deaf, dumb and blind are possessed by evil djinn
Police state under pad locks and metal glocks
Where the fiends dream of rocks the size of ghetto blocks
And thugs got a tendency toward drug dependency
Smokin blunts endlessly, downin bottles of Hennessy
My peoples pour liquor in memory
Of the dead, when I'm gone I wonder how many will remember me
My peoples pour liquor in memory
Of the dead, when I'm gone I wonder how many will remember me

(I find myself alone)
(Nobody knows your name)
(When I die)
(The city lied)
(I find myself alone)

Yo, bigger they come, harder they fall
Quicker they run, sooner they done, Jah a-go lick them all
Bigger they come, harder they fall
Quicker they run, sooner they done, Jah a-go lick them all
Bigger they come, h

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