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Artist: Akinyele
Song Title: Coochie
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[dolly wilson]
Chorus (4x)
My coochie is soo juuicy, yeah

This right here is for all the girls
Who i used to talk to who didn't amount to be shit in life.
You know what im sayin? all the girls who used to call
Their man on me when i was in front of the building
Just tryin' to get their numbers,
Try'na put my seed up in 'em, you know..
All the girls who gave me a wrong number
When i just asked them for their fuckin' phone number
Tryin' to call 'em and hook up for a date and all that shit...
All the girls who left me in restaurants eatin'...
Talkin 'bout they gonna use the phone
And left me with the fuckin bill....

Ha! it was all a dream, i used to read playboy magazine,
Niggaz gettin' their dick licked with whipped cream
Women from all places, no matter what their race is,
Mami wanna put punani where your face is
I said "ha, whut?" put my face by her trap
Smoke weed, bamboo, lick her in her private spot
Way back before niggaz even started smokin' crack
They used to act, proooo black
Remember brand nubian, 'one for all'
Who ever thought akinyele would get paid for grabbin' his balls
Now i'm in the strip bar, big rap star
Time to get laid, which one of y'all girls wanna get paid?
The lieu..tenant, sit behind windows tinted,
Remember when i used to push cars that was rented
Now i cop the drop top, made thier hearts stop
Drive another block , they be like "yo, that was ak!"
Huah! i stay away from the a-i-d,
Pack condoms like guns cuz thats the way i be,
One love to the late great easy e
Larry flynt, hugh heffner, and ron jeremy
Huah! i get pussy you know how i do,
Call the crib last four numbers, ten-eighty-two
What the fuck??

My coochie is soo juuiicy, yeah (4x)

I can take the girl from the local streets
And take her to cancun and fuck her on the beach
And im far from cheap, i make sure all my niggas get laid,
Open your legs girl, make some way, hey-ay!
Around the way they used to diss me, girls never kiss me,
Now they writing letters how they miss me,
I never thought that hard work could pay off and shit,
I was too used to jerkin' off and shit
Now the hunnies play me close, like the butter play the toast,
When i'm grabbin 'em, i'll be baggin' them like a coach
Condos in queens, head blown for weeks
Feelin' up the cheeks of the 'put it in ya mouth' freaks
Raw sex is what i fear, so i pack condoms when it comes to this here
I hump bitch! a bunch of bitchs grabbed the family jewels,
Considered a fool cuz i get more ass than a mule
Stereotype of a perverted nigga misunderstood....and its still all good

Chorus (9x)

Yea this for all the girls when i used to call they house
They see my number on the caller id
And they never pick up the phone..fuck you...
This for all the girls when i call 'em
They answer their phone like "hello" and when i say
"its ak" they act like their fuckin 'sleep..
Yeah fuck you...
This is dedicated to the notorious b.i.g.

Oh my-my coochie oh its so fuckin' juicy,
Talkin bout my coochie oh its fuckin' juicy(8x)

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