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Artist: All
Song Title: Daveage
Genre: Rock: Punk-Rock
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There must be something that you don't understand
About me -
Because I can't believe all the things that you say,
And they you want to stay
Well count me out of your plans
And you know that hurts me, man
I guess that all I have today
Is a memory of you yesterday
Well I just can't believe
No I just can't believe
The things you said to me today

That couldn't have been you I saw
That must have been another girl
It's true that you look the same
But you're acting so different
'Cause you're playing a whole new game
With those new friends of yours
The ones that you met last week
I hope that they prove to be
All the images they wanted you to see
Well I won't stick around
And pick you off the ground
When things come crashing down

Now you're walking on a ledge
Don't walk with me
And now you've lost your edge
Don't talk to me
'Cause I just can't believe
No I just can't believe
The things you said today

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