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Artist: All
Song Title: I Hate To Love
Genre: Rock: Punk-Rock
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Her glance can make you short of breath
Your heart stop dead in your chest
She has what words just can't express
She gives a kiss that's cursed and says-
"I hate to love"
A word, a song, a smile, a tear
She doesn't care for me, it's clear
I'll never tell
It hurt like hell
To see her turn and disappear
I hate to love
I hate to love

She's laughing beside someone else
And I'm alone beside myself
She's like no one else
Hung by my rope
Strung out
Let it drop, it just won't work
Stretch my neck across the block
Heart in my hand, axe in hers, (while she's says)
"I hate to love"
I hate to love
So I do without
And die within
Once we were two
It wore too thin
It just wore too thin
I hate to love
It hurts too much
The time is up

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