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Artist: Ames Brothers
Song Title: China Doll
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Sometimes I go down
To old Chinatown
And just walk around
Just wander around

Where amber lights gleam
And blue shadows fall
Just dream an old dream
Of my China doll

Her silk Chinese coat (silk Chinese coat)
Her little blue pants (little blue pants)
Coral pink lips (coral pink lips)
And tiny pale hands

Oh my China doll
My lonely tears fall
I'll never forget you, never forget you
My China doll

Sometimes I go down
And just hang around
And just hang around
A boat China bound

Oh my China doll
My lonely tears fall
I'll never forget you, never forget you
My China doll
(My China doll)

Transcribed by Little John.
These lyrics were transcribed from the specific recording referenced
above, and are for personal use and research interest only.

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