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Artist: Amorosi Vanessa
Song Title: I Wanna Be Your Everything
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Oh yeah...oh yeah
I don't know you
Not at all
I took one look at you
And I want to know it all
What you do
Where you go
Am I on your mind or is there someone else
Are you calm
Do you care if it's there
Or is there something wrong with your health
Ask me some questions I know your shy
And that's what makes me think
You're my type of guy

Just talk to me
Just that extra little bit longer
Yeah yeah yeah
And if it don't kill you
I know it can make you stronger
Yeah yeah yeah

Talking: I know you're shy
And I wish you were my guy

I wanna be the one now darlin'
So let's get it on well let's start something
I wanna be I wanna be
I wanna be your everything

All of this time
I've been sitting back
Looking at you baby
To see what's in your head
And I don't know you or what's inside
But I know yes I know
That you're my type of guy

Repeat bridge
Repeat chorus

I wanna be yor everything
I just wanna be your everything

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