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Artist: Angelfish
Song Title: You Can Love Her
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You can't stop her walking in the rain
But you might want to see her face someday
And you can't keep her from her little world
But you might want her someday for your girl

Keep your head and stop it spinning round
Keep your eyes wide open and you'll see her
Alone at night you count the stars above
Alone at night you're praying for her love

You can love her
You can love her
You can love her
You can love her

You can't take her everywhere she goes
Cause the world's too complicated and you know that
You can't help the things she's learned in school
Like how she walks and who she knows 'cause it's too late

And you can't stop the tears she's saved for years
But you can hold her, you can make her understand
Just last night you saw her as an angel
Just last night she saw you as a man

You can love her
You can love her
You can love her
You can love her

When I walked alone last night
I thought a lot about this story
I remember hearing you say
"She's the one, yeah, she's the only one for me"
"For me, for me, for me..."

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