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Artist: Angry Johnny And The Killbillies
Song Title: Mr. Undertaker
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Hey Mr. Undertaker do me a big favor
Make me look real good because Im
going for a ride
Hey Mr. Embalmer I did a number with my revolver
Can you put my head together, cause Im going
for a ride
Im going for a ride, Im going to the show
So everyone I know, so everyone will go
"He looks real good man, he never looked better,
its just a shame that that fool could not
forget her."
My skull is shattered, but that really doesnt matter
I know that you can fix it, you can do anything
Fill my veins with Wild Turkey
just in case I get real thirsty
That needle is awful big man, I hope it
doesnt sting
Hey Mr. Undertaker put pennies on my eyes
Do a good show tonight so everybody cries
Hey Mr. Undertaker do me a big favor
Make me look real good cause Im gonna
meet my maker
And that picture in my wallet, if she comes to see
Hey Mr. Undertaker make her cry for me
Do me a favor, Mr. Undertaker
Make me look good cause Im going for a ride.
Hey Mr. Undertaker

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