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Artist: Animotion
Song Title: Room To Move
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I know it seems like I'm a million miles away
At times you feel like you don't even know me
But in this world the pressure's building everyday
And I need time to work things out - oh baby

It's not that I don't love you - oh no
It's just that I - I've got to have -

Room to move - that's all I need
That's all I ask for - room to breathe
Room to move - that's all I need
That's all I ask for - give it to me
Room to move - everybody needs - room to move

Everybody needs some freedom to survive
To shake the chains of responsability
And you can help me make this feeling come alive
'Cos when you hold me close - that's when you set me free

Girl you know I'll always love you - oh yeah
'Cos when we touch - I get so much

You lose your mind - if you don't take time
You cross that line and your mind explodes
You push too hard - and your feelings starve
Emotions are - all destroyed
Girl you know I'll always love you - oh yeah
'Cos when we touch - I get so much

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