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Artist: Anita Baker
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Song Title: Lead Me To Love
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We may never understand
if love just happens or it's planned
we must believe our spirits know somehow
baby we can't stop the falling we feel now
New emotion starts to flow
and now this time it wants control
baby, if our love was ment to be so strong
something close to magic's going on
darling take ahold and lead me to love
light the way for me without your touch I can not see
lead me to love I'm deep in the miracle of you
Can you feel your hand in mine
We'll share the secrets found in lovers eyes
you speak the words of love I'll speak them to
baby ain't no stopping me when I'm near you
Darling take ahold and lead me to love
light the way for me without your touch I can not see
lead me to love
I'm deep in that miracle
deep in that miracle
light the way so I can see
light the way so I can see
ahhhh I keep telling you
you make a miracle
you make a miracle
your makin it baby
take me
you made me a miracle
let your heart speak
honey won't you, love me
take time and love me
i know it that i'm no good baby till you show me
that your desire has in-vaded my whole heart
ohhh baby, baby, baby
so that I can see
oh lead me
teach me the way baby
deep in the miracle
lead me
come on show me chile
shine, shine your love on me
lead me
I can't live without you
I can't move without you
I can't breath without you

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