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Artist: Anna Ternheim
Anna Ternheim Author
Album: Somebody Outside (2004)
Anna Ternheim - Somebody Outside Album
Song Title: I Say No
Genre: Pop
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Lately you've been bothered by your friends
We will disturb you, to make you talk again
Try to find the other side of you
The things you hide, what you dont say

We say no, oh no
We won't let you slip inbetween
We say no, oh no
We won't let you squeeze right through

Give you second chances easily
We wait for answers, for hours and years
But the sadness in your eyes won't go away
It becomes you, in a strange kind of way
I wonder were you come from
Who you've been
What you gain, if you win
But my guess is right you break like glass
And I wonder where, your god was then

I say no, oh no
I won't let you slip inbetween
I say no, oh no
I won't let you squeeze right through

Oh how sweet a girl like you can be
When she tries
You're changing skin like i change clothes
You're faking it well but it shows

You say, lately I've been bothered by my friends
They need foregiveness
I need therapy, they say
Better lock up well before they come
With their prairs, and loaded guns
Better lock up well before they come
More than ten years to ignore, what they here for

We say no, oh no
We won't let you slip inbetween
we say no, oh no
we won't let you squeeze right through

We say no, no no no
Since you fall from every throne

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