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Artist: Anneli Marian Drecker
Song Title: Rainstorm
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Have I not been fooled again?
I know I must have
I thought such joy could never end
I thought I would
Keep you with me
Now, I turn a painful red
When people pass me
Avert my eyes and drop my head
Afraid they might
See what I see
My destiny
I just want the rain to come
To console me, to pour over me
There's nothing like a rainstorm
To wash away the rain
My crying in vain
Autumn leaves and butterflies
When winter's due
They all turn weak, they all just die
In multitudes
Nothing at all
My, oh, my the wind did turn
I lie awake in bed
I sweat, I toss, I burn
With agony
This emptiness
It's so meaningless
I just want the rain to come
To console me, to pour over me
They say there's nothing like a rainstorm
To wash away the rain
I just want the rain to come
To dissolve me, to pour over me
You know they say there's nothing like a rainstorm
To wash away the rain
My crying in vain
My crying in vain..
Have I not been fooled again?

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