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Artist: Annie
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Song Title: Carring The Banner
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Racetrack : thats my cigar!
Snipeshooter: You'll steal anudder
Kid Blink: Hey Bummers we got work ta do!
Specs: Since when did you become me mudder?
Crutchy: Aw stop your bawling!
Bunch of Newsies: Hey who asked you?
Mush: try bottle alley or the harbor
Racetrack: Try Central Park it's guarenteed
Jack: Try any banker, bum or barber
Skittery: They almost all knows how to read
Kid Blink: I smell money
Crutchy: You smell foul!
Mush: Met this girl last night
Crutchy: Move your elbow
Racetrack: pass the towel!
Skittery: For a buck i might!

All newsies:
and its a fine life carrying the banner through it all
a mighty fine life carrying the banner tough and tall
every morning we goes where we wishes
wes as free as finshes
sure beets washin dishes
what a fine life carrying the banner through it all

Jack: it takes a smile, as sweet as butter
Crutchy: The kind that ladies can't resist
Racetrack: It takes an orphan, with a studder
Jack: who aint afraid to use his
Kid Blink: FIST!

summa stinks and winters wating
welcome to new york
boy aint nature fasinating
when yous gotta walk

So it's a fine life, carrying the banner with me chums
A mighty fine life, blowing every nickel as it comes!

CRUTCHY: im no snoozer, sitting makes me ansy, i likes living chancy

ALL: Harlem ta Delancy! it's a fine life!
carrying the banner through the slums

NUNS: blessed children
though you wander lost and depraved
jesus loves you
you shall be saved!


part 1 :
MOTHER: patrick, darling
since you left me I am undone
Mother loves you God save my son!

part 2 :
RACETRACK: just give me half a cup
KID BLINK: something ta wake me up
MUSH: i gotta find an angle
CRUTCHY: i gotta sell more papes

ALL NEWSIES : papers is all i got (wish i could catch a breeze)
sure hope the headlines hot (all i can catch is fleas)
God help if it's not! (Somebody help me please)


ALL NEWSIES: if i hate the headline
ill make up a headline and ill say anything I hafta
Cuz at two for a penny
if I take too many
Weasel Just makes me eat em' afta

Look they're putting up a headline (what's it say?)
You call that a headline?( that dont pay)
I get better stories from the copper on the beat (So where's your spot?)
I was gonna start with 20 (God it's hot)
Now a dozen'll be plenty (Will ya tell me)
Tell me how Im ever gonna make ends meet

We need a good assasanation
We need an Earthquake or a war!

SNIPESHOOTER: how about a crooked politician?

NEWSIES: Hey stupid that aint news no more!
Up town to grand central station
Down to city hall
We improved our circulation
Walking till we fall!


GROUP ONE: Still we'll be out there
Carrying the banner man to man!
We'll be out there
Soakin' every sucker that we can!
See the headline:
Newsies on a mission!
Kill the competion
Sell the next edition
Carrying the Banner is the--

GROUP 2: Look there putting up a headline
They call that a headline
The idiot who wrote it must working for the sun
Did you hear about the fire?

GROUP 3: Heard it killed old man maguire

GROUP: 2 Heard the toll was even higher

GROUP 3: Why do I miss all the fun?

GROUP2 : Hitched it on a trolley

GROUP 3: Metcha 44 and 2nd

GROUP 2: Little Italy's a secret

GROUP 3: Further than I reckoned

GROUP 2: By the courthouse

GROUP 3: Near the stables

GROUP 2: On the corner someone beckoned and I...



GROUP 1 : It's a fine life
Carrying the Banner through it all
A mighty fine life
Carrying the Banner tough and tall
See the headline
Newsies on a mission
Kill the competition
Sell the next edition
What a fine life
Carrying the banner
It's a fine Life
Carrying the banner
It's a fine life
Carrying the Banner
It's a fine life
Carrying the Banner
Its a fine life
Carrying the Banner
It's a GO!

GROUP 2: Would you look at the headline
They call that a headline
I get better stories from the copper on the beat
I was gonna start with 20
but a dozen'll be plenty
Will you tell me how'm ever gonna make ends meet?
Hitched on a trolley
Metcha 44 + 2nd
Little Italys a secret
Further than I reckoned
By the court house
Near the Stables
On the corner someoned beckoned and I...
GO get em cowboy!
You got em now boy!
Go get em cowboy!
You got em now boy!

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