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Artist: Announcement Public
Song Title: U Tryin To Ride
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Uh, you know what?
It's about that time
That I discuss this issue with you baby
We've been putting it off too long

We don't need to be going through this, heh

Don't wanna fight no more
Baby I love you
Yeah you were right
I need to be more responsible
All of my time I do
Spend thinking about you
I guess my actions don't to you
Speak louder than my words do

1 - If I'm not cryin, I'm dyin inside
Thinking, how you made me feel the other night
Baby how can I be down and by your side
When you tryin to ride, you tryin to ride

Repeat 1

You get up outta this bed
And don't tell me what's on your mind
All I saw was
You sittin their, cryin
It hurt so bad sad, sad, tried to do all I can
I'm not gonna play the woman
And I'll be dam if I let you play the man

Repeat 1 (2x)

Tryin to be the man for you
Now look at what ya putting me thru
Gave you everything I had
Now you wanna give it back to me
Gave you something from my heart
Now you tryin to tear it all apart
Tell me if this love is true
So I can be the man for you, hey

Repeat 1 till end

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