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Artist: Antares
Song Title: You Belong To Me
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Brand new star to discover,
Same old feeling to tell me it's over.
All I need is a reason
I need your love

Baby love will find you
And I will follow,
The stars will lead the way.
Baby dreams will resque the doubt inside you
till love will shine again

You belong to me
Belong to me
As love belongs to lovers
You belong to me
Belong to me
As stars belong to nowhere

One more time to remember
Every beat of my heart's in danger
All I want is a minute
Just close your eyes

You belong to me (rap inserts)

It takes two, not three, not four
Love guaranteed and that's for sure

Belong to, belong to me
All my wishes comin' real
As love to love, as friend to gee
Freeze, you belong to me

Back and forth, forth and back
Move your feet to the bumpin' hi-tech
Rhythm's pumpin' so let's get jumpin'
Work your body till the groove gets funky

Dance to trance,
I've got the power in my hands
Up and down jump to the beat
Everybody move your feet

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