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Artist: Anti Nowhere League
Anti Nowhere League Author
Album: Live in Yugoslavia (1983)
Anti Nowhere League - Live in Yugoslavia Album
Song Title: We Are The League
Genre: Rock: Punk-Rock
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Another boring night and I'm feeling pissed,
My heads fucked up and I'm in a mess
Too many drugs have made me high
I want to cause havoc, I want to die.

We are the League, with the extra man
We are the League, we are the anti band
So don't you say you're feeling bored
The League are here and we have scored

We are the League
We are the League
We are the League
The Anti Nowhere League

You criticise us, you say were shit,
but were up here and were doing it
So dont you criticise the things we do
No fucker pays to go and see you.

We are the League and we are mad
We are the League and our musics bad
Well fuck noise like youve never known
And make you wished youd stayed at home

We are the League
We are the League
We are the League
The Anti Nowhere League

We hate the dogs, we hate the man,
We hate the things we dont understand
No time for love, cos that aint class
If you dont fucking like it, stuff it up your arse.

We are the League and we are mean
We are the League and were obscene
We dont give a toss for what you think
Cos all your views, they fucking stink

We are the League
We are the League
We are the League . so dont fuck with the League!

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