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Artist: Anti-Nowhere League
Anti-Nowhere League Author
Album: Live in Yugoslavia (1983)
Anti-Nowhere League - Live in Yugoslavia Album
Song Title: So What
Genre: Rock: Punk-Rock
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Well Ive been to Hastings
and Ive been to Brighton
Ive been to Eastbourne too
So what
So what
Ive been here
and Ive been there
Ive been every fucking where

So what
So what
So what So what you boring little cunt


Who cares
Who cares what you do
Yeah, who cares
Who cares about you you you you you

Well Ive fucked the queen
Ive fucked fuck
I even sucked an old mans cock
So what
So what
And Ive fucked a sheep
Ive fucked a goat
I rammed my cock right down his throat
So what
So what
So what, So what you boring little fuck


Ive drunk that
and Ive drunk this
Ive spewed up on a pint of piss
So what
So what
Ive had skank
Ive had speed
Ive jacked up until i bleed

So what
So what
So what, So what you boring little cunt


Ive had crabs
Ive had lice
Ive had the clap and that aint nice
So what
So what
Ive fucked this
Ive fucked that
Ive even fucked a schoolgirls twat

So what
So what
So what, So what you boring little cunt


So fucking what!

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