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Artist: Apache Indian
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Song Title: Religion
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I and i respect all religion
I and i me pray to the almighty one
Me give thanks and praise fe the righteous way
But me can't follow...no me can't follow one

Me say me look to the hindu ca me a indian
Me look to the muslim and sikhism
Ina india too much to choose from
Sit down with sadoo.. indian holy man
Listen man a talk and me start understand
Go down africa and me reach a jam one
Sit down with rasta and start fe reason
Read out of the bible talk to christian
When you check it out could a confusion
Religion bring war and contradiction
One god we have one destination
Respect each other and nothing can wrong


Me say me learn bout rama and hari krishna
Guru gobind singh and the height of allah
Me look to the east and pray to mecca
Jesus christ christian messiah
Ina jerusalem was born the saviour
King salassi i down a ethiopia
The conquering lion of the tribe of judah
Natty rastafari and me pray to jah jah
Me look and me search and me study buddha
Say nuff mon a talk bout sai baba
God bless all mon who fight evil doer
That's why the angels a fan me with the eagles feather


Verse 3
Ca me say nuff mon a pray to animal and images
Some kill animal in sacrifices
Say nuff of them a follow demon and witches
Them worship the devil and satanic verses
But i and i no mek fe mek no compromises
Give thanks to the lord and the highest praises
You spread the good word and bring good wishes
You mix ina evil the highest watches
You clean up your heart and break no promises
Live good with all colour and all races
Overcome tribulation man faces
A me say dust-to-dust and ashes to ashes


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