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Artist: Apraxia
Apraxia Author
Album: Hymns Of Dark Forestsc (1999)
Apraxia - Hymns Of Dark Forestsc Album
Song Title: Barbaric Hordes From North
Genre: Metal: Death, Black
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From the clatter of hooves of our battle horses
Trembles and shakes all our Earth,
And thousands of arrows, which covered the sun
For enemies carry death.
And being ready to conquire or die in the fight
We're gonna seize all world
Brave and ruthless, proud and wild,
Barbaric hordes from North.
Our swords are sharpened
Our spears are strong
And nothings gonna save the enemies
We're gonna make the greatest feast
On their broken bones
And drink their blood as wine.
Wild march has begun and quite soon
We'll bring to the knees all that world
Great and evil, true and strong
Barbaric hordes from North.

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