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Artist: April
Song Title: Youre The One For Me
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Here we go

Thinking of the moment we first met
I looked in your eyes I can't forget
All the loving that you made me feel
I had the chance to look the other way
My love for you grows stronger everyday
Understand your all I really need

I know, you're the one for me
Together we were meant to be
Can't you see
You're the one for me

Everytime I start to look around
The thought of losing you just brings me down
Is it something I should care about
I got something I just can't let go
Stay close to me, I want to let you know
I love you so

Chorus (2x)

So many nights i'd lie awake
Thinking of a way
And baby I just want to say
I love you

Chorus (4x)

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