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Artist: April Wine
April Wine Author
Album: Walking Through Fire (1988)
April Wine - Walking Through Fire Album
Song Title: Open Soul Surgery
Genre: Rock
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Written by: jim vallance

It's been a long time since we been travellin' down
On the wrong side of your love
But i don't care if you think i'm wasting my time
You're the only one i'm thinkin' of
Well i spend my whole life travellin' around
From town to town and i need

Open soul surgery
Open soul surgery
Yeh i need surgery
Open soul surgery

Ooh, yeh

When you were 18 i took you from your mama & sister
As you didn't need that kind of protection
Now i hate to see you comin on like some kind of bitch
'cos your life ain't what you're expectin'
Well i spend all my time just chasing you down
And now that i found you i need

Open soul surgery
Open soul surgery
Yeh i need surgery
Open soul surgery

Somebody help me now

And now the pressure's on
I don't know right from wrong
I live in desperation
I can feel the heat
Now that i'm on the street
For what you've done to me
And i'm gonna need

Open soul surgery
Open soul surgery
Yeh i need surgery
Open soul surgery

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