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Artist: Apt 3g
Song Title: Fragrant Foul
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Oh boy it's Wendesday again
and I feel like the world's best friend
you know everything is gonna be OK
helped an old lady across the street
wiped the bullshit of her feet
even tipped my hat to a cop
then I went back home and shut the door
pulled down the shades and slowly went out of my
I hate this world and what it's done to me
and I won't rest or be set free
'till I destroy everything about it that pisses me off
out on the streets again
you know it's feeling pretty good
because I can stand hypocrasy the least
in me it brings out a beast
and beasts are never doing what the should
you can't fight a war and believe in the bible
if you do you're a sanctimonious hypocrite
there's a little black door we go inside
but this world tells us that's just a lie
sometimes it makes me want to scream
makes me want to shout
makes me want to rip
rip the heart out of society
hold it up for all to see
and say this
this is all you'll ever have
tommorow and tommorow until today
till today turns to yesterday
it's a pyramid of lies and sick charade
mothers cheer their dead sons in a happy parade
sometimes it just blows me away
I wish for tens of thousands of uncencumbered
but I'll turn and I'll fight
and think about what happens next
when the antihuman machine it turns on you.

APT.3-G address:

3574 S. E. SHERMAN

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