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Artist: Arabian Prince
Song Title: Let the Good Times Roll (Nickel Bag)
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Life is a jungle, I'm a hunter who's lossin

I'm not livin a life that I'm choosin

But I wake up everyday livin large

Cause I don't play

Games with people or names

And all the suckas they fear no shame

I'm told ... everybody here is bold

We let the good times roll

[Chorus: Let the good times roll(x3)]

People smokin up to lies like a nickel bag

Like money or cash they never had

Knowin nothing about livin in a fantasy

Spendin all there time survivin in reality

Streets, schools for the residents

Home for drugs and the people that are sellin it

Kickin back playin' the walls

Crusin set

And let the good times roll


Rollin down the streets you might get jacked

By another brother ... why is that?

Critics always puttin the blame on the gangs of society

It shouldn't take the blame

Of the violence and the drugs and the killings

People in the government don't know how we're livin

I'm still, cause I got soul...

I'll let the good times roll


Chillin' inthe park shootin hoop with the homeboys

It was a 3-point turn-around I hear much noise

Cop rolled in [Cop: "Up against the wall"]

[Cop: Turn around so I can get a picture of ya'll"]

I ain't in no gang, and never intended to be

So why in the hell you wanna go and get rough with me?

Take a picture for your black pack

I'm photogenic, but I ain't with that

Why you wanna go and mess with us anyways?

Cause I'm a nigga in the park with a group on a Sunday?

No way ... all it is is a game that you play

Tryin to keep a brother like me down

Even though I don't mess around

Cause I'm told ... I'll let the good times roll

[Chorus: Let the good times roll (x6)]

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