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Artist: Archer Tasmin
Song Title: Hero
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there's nothing you can do to take the pain away
you may find broken dreams are the price of the games we play
closing the door, you hope the world will disapear
then you can open your eyes and you find everyone's still here

don't you know
weren't you told?

first they build you up
just to knock you down
steal the crown of the hero from yesterday
were you flying high just before the fall?
did they make you a king
just to take it all?
steal the crown of the hero from yesterday
players only play till the curtain falls

they couldn't let you go
there's no way out in time
they'd only let you grow to cut you down to size
no room for tears when you've gone down in history
no acclaim when your finest hour is just a memory


we can dream our dreams
but who knows if they'll fade away
like heroes

first they build you up
just to knock you down
steal the crown of the hero from yesterday
were you flying high just before the fall?
we all dream the dreams of heroes

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