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Artist: Az Yet
Song Title: Secrets
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Jon B.)

Secrets, oh what you kept from me
They make our world go around
But secrets, they only last long enough to break you down

Stuck sitting, you left me there waiting for you
You didn't want to be my girl
I saw you by candlelight waiting for two
Sure wasn't me who was doin' it with you

Oh but there's too much in my mind right now
To say how I feel, to do what I need to do
And how can you leave like this
When a simple kiss is all you gave me


Loving you seems foolish when you do what you do
But I cannot stand the feeling without you
I swear girl, I'm leaving, baby, five after two
'Cause is no way I'm waiting longer for you

Oh but there's too much in my mind right now
To say how I feel, to do what I need to do
And how can I look up to the way
And see our love fading baby, tell me why


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