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Artist: Bane
Bane Author
Album: Give Blood (2001)
Bane - Give Blood Album
Song Title: Ante Up
Genre: Hardcore
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the last thing that i want to do right now
is scream one more line
about the words that fall from your mouth
landing somewhere just short of my feet
some long, sad, boring list of let downs
that i have talked about a thousand times before
some spark i thought i saw in you
needed to see in you
wished i could see in you
but was just a damn bluff
i threw away aces and you showed me deuces
the key is having the guts to raise with
the second highest hand
i have spent so much time
folding bad cards and eating my words
i?e said some awful things to some real good people
that now i no longer have a problem admitting when i am wrong
and can just sit back and wait for the next deal to come
and if the worst thing in my life
is long-ass rides and hug filled good-byes
and i can still be mystified
by pretty smiles, crushes and mix tapes
then i guess things really aren? so bad
and i have never known much about silver linings
but i can look around this van and see
five faces that breath life into me
kings full of jacks
splash my chips across the table
take my shot
i? all in

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