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Artist: Bane
Bane Author
Album: Holding This Moment [EP] (1998)
Bane - Holding This Moment [EP] Album
Song Title: Forked Tongue
Genre: Hardcore
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What have you done Look at what you've done Screaming words of venom right in your daughters face Take the time to show her that all her thoughts were wrong Shape her in your image just as somebody did to you And if this is how you do it right in front of me-I cannot imange what must go down at home Never got a chance that kid was doomed right at the gate I stand and watch you ruin that poor little girl in the middle of the street And since I cant put a bullet right in your hateful face I turn my back and walk away and hope there is a hell Soon shell know how to use words that cripple like a gun What have you done?

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    "So for the first four months it was bad And certainly best for you that I didn't Carry a gun or know where you lay your head at night And it was not her as everyone had thought But you, how easily you were able to turn away From all that we were Those things that you said Admit it, your words they came as cheap as your breath And with even less meaning, you selfish fuck The next time that you tell me that you love me Please look me in the eye so that I can see the twitch And I will fight to keep my balance..."
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    "Calling you out for the last time Come show your face for the first time I've got a head full of questions And a busted heart filled with lies Won't spend one second on my knees Will not be thankful for what I have not asked for Or apologize for hating all that my eyes see This solution is my salvation Life is too slippery for books clarice The time has passed for tricks like faith and grace The beast laughs more and more everyday Evil has never been afraid to show it's face Just look to the front page Look into the face of the starving Or infants born with a disease they will never understand For every miracle one million bodies
    Piled high in your name I'm calling you out Come show your face Stand before me I will destroy you Shed your mask and I will destroy you The priests that serve so proudly in your sons name As sick as any monster that walks the streets And I'd walk away just to see you cry Leading young boys into the hell That they have preached against Once You tell me how they can ever trust in Cause loving words are only words when loving words mean nothing One single word that you have said Your empire has been built on the guilt of the meek To your heart...
    And I walked away So many lives imprisoned And I haven't seen, seen that smile for a while And a shame that spins out of control in your name And now I'm choking on my self-segregated heart Young Tommy who finds you only in his father's shiny handguns Marches his truth straight into school Points the barrel and pulls the trigger And bodies turn into colored rain Tell me a story I can believe Look me in the eye And tell me a story that you believe

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