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Artist: Bane
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Song Title: Release The Hounds
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all swelled with pride, your chest blown out

face the flag as you declare

"we are the greatest country in the world

richest, smartest, most advanced?who can keep up with us?"

and where has it gotten us?

take a look around

as miserable as we have ever been

violent, mean, pulling our hair out

as fourteen year olds march through metal detectors

bitter, unhealthy, empty

most dissatisfied of societies

my granddad weeps for the simple days

everything that you could ever dream of

five minutes from our fingertips

prettied, processed, packaged,

shipped right to your door

we need everything in every color

to feel that we?e alive

we?e got to brag to all the world

about all our toys

just like when we were five

i hear you chant

"everything is alright, it? gonna be alright"

as you rush to your night job

everything is gonna be alright

knuckles white as you grip your purse

you scream that things could not be better

as the flames lick at your face

and i? as fucked as anybody

the bright lights catch my eyes

i? as scared as anyone

the blood rains from the sky

we can? tell what we want from what we need

or which one matters more

it? all a spinning mobile

it? all a catchy lullaby

everything is gonna be alright

so suck your thumb

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