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Artist: Beheaded
Song Title: Fed Upon Odium
Genre: Rock
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Derision obfuscates the vision to be

Entities fed upon blinding mockery

Defunct echoes misconceived by the fresh cast

Renaissance shall banish the effigy of our past

Pulsating will sets the new legion free

Fresh ideologies injected in this mental spree

Intertwined voices haunt this malformed existence

Scriptures set ablaze to abolish the vile reminiscence

Necrose and crippled by the hand of time

Epochs fall in ageless slumber beneath grime

Evict the contents of dismal minds

Set a new pace to salvage regressing lives

Disgust inscribed on faces tensed with revenge

Odium gushes in the eye of the discontent

Dethroned lords turned to immutable slaves

Finalised coven satiates the risen crave

Pestilence spreads its wings upon a race drowned in disdain

Rotting souls scavenge amid putrefying remains

Morrow awaits the reconstruction of the new breed

The cycles revived as progenitors transmute off their seed

Necrose and crippled by the hand of time

Epochs fall in ageless slumber beneath grime

Evict the contents of dismal minds

Set a new pace to salvage regressing lives

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