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Artist: Behind The Scenery
Song Title: Towards The Edge Of Degeneration
Genre: Rock
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Someday humanity will be

Unable to form an own view

The price for progress that we shall pay together

Pay with our intelligence and our knowledge

Don't say it's only utopia

The seed is sown



Push the button and believe

Receive your daily injection from the screen

But will you see the retrograte evolution

Of human race which hides behind the lies

With wide open and empty eyes we gaze

Into the screen

Hypnotized by the colourful

waves of misinformation

We swallow up the lies and pre-conceptions

Simple human race

What are you today

Simple human race

What will be tomorrow

Technology will control

The confused masses

Progress wil be the new regime

Unable to avert the fast stagnation

We trust in implanted views and drift

Towards the edge of degeneration

Towards the eve of the end

See how the machines

get stronger every day

Progress enslaves humanity

Tomorrow we will live

in a sad and grey world

Reigned by solitude

Personal communication

Will be unnecessary for mankind

Simple human race

What are your today

Simple human race

What will be tomorrow

Technology will control

The confused masses

Progress will be the new regime

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