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Artist: Bering Strait
Song Title: When Going Home
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1600 hundred miles to cry it out;

1600 miles until the airplane touches down;

To relive every moment since the day we met;

Remember how forever felt, and then forget.

27 days of walkin' on the sun;

27 days believein' I had found the one;

Finally learnin' what true passion's all about;

How could anything that burns that strong suddenly burn out?

CHORUS: I'm leavin' Austin on the 1205;

Gonna take my newly broken heart back to my old life;

And you know that you've been gone a little bit too long

When going home feels like moving on, yeah.

My sister will be waiting at the gate;

I've got three more hours to get my story staight;

'Cause I've been tellin' her for weeks that it's true love;

There's no easy way to say how wrong I was.


In spite of all the dreams and all the best laid plans,

Sometimes we start over right where we began.


When going home feels like movin' on; movin' on; movin' on.

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