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Artist: Bouche, La
Bouche, La Author
Album: Sweet Dreams (1996)
Bouche, La - Sweet Dreams Album
Song Title: Poetry In Motion
Genre: Dance: Pop
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There's a whole lot of love in the world today, going around, it'll come your way.
The sun is back and it's gonna stay, everybody wants some love sometimes.
(Poetry In Motion)
There's the sound and the feeling everywhere, reach out and find love is in the air.
The heart of the song is the life I swear, everybody needs some love sometimes.

Ain't it good to feel this way, ain't it good to know, love is back and it's gonna stay, love will bring a toll.

Oo-oo-oooo Poetry in motion (poetry in motion)
Oo-oo-oooo Poerry in motion (poetry in motion)

The a valley of light from the mountain top, a message of love that'll never stop.
To have not to hold is the love you've got, everybody wants some love sometimes.
(Poetry In Motion)

Oo-oo-oooo Poetry in motion (poetry in motion)
Oo-oo-oooo Poerry in motion (poetry in motion)

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